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Founded in 1851, Robert Mitchell Inc. is a leader in manufacturing, welding and machining. We specialize in custom and mass-produced steel products for customers in the industrial, mining, construction, transportation, energy, petrochemical and pulp & paper sectors.
The commitment of our staff combined with our expertise makes us a leader in the manufacturing field. Our mission is to satisfy our customers by offering quality products at competitive prices that meet their requirements and delivery times.

Our customers are world-renowned for the quality of their products, and we have always established lasting business relationships with them through the quality and reliability of our products and services.

With 75,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and modern equipment, we can quickly adapt our plant to our customers’ needs.


  • 50,000 ft² manufacturing area
  • 25,000 sq. ft. of indoor warehousing that can also be used for manufacturing
  • 40,000 ft² of outdoor storage
  • 3,000 ft² of office space
  • Door 19′-4” width x 22′-6” maximum height


  • (25) hoists with lifting capacities from 2 to 10 tons
  • (4) forklifts up to 5,000 lbs.
  • (1) 13,000 lbs mechanical loader.
  • (2) mobile cranes: 9 and 20 tons

Our history

Founded in 1851, Robert Mitchell Inc. was a pioneer in the manufacture of metal products in Canada. Here’s a brief summary of our company history.

  • 1821
    – Robert Mitchell was born in Scotland

  • 1848
    – Mr. Robert Mitchell reached Quebec City from Glasgow aboard the SS “John McKenzie”.

  • 1851
    – After working 3 years at the Bryson et Ferrier foundry in Montreal, he founded the Robert Mitchell Co. (corner of Craig and Saint-Pierre streets) …… Today, the streets are renamed St-Antoine and St-Pierre. The products manufactured were:

    • Plumbing and gas fittings
    • Components for the rail industry
    • Gas and electric lighting
    • Brass, copper, nickel and silver plating
    • “Montreal Brass Works

  • 1853
    – The Grand Trunk Railway opened its line from Montreal to Portland

  • 1860
    – The Victoria Bridge over the St. Lawrence River was opened by the Prince of Wales

  • 1876
    – Alexander Graham Bell produced the telephone

  • 1884
    – Montreal’s streets were lit by electricity (Mitchell products)

  • 1886
    – A new factory was built in St-Cunegonde

  • 1896
    – Mr.Robert Mitchell has passed away. The company was taken over by his son RR Mitchell

  • 1903
    – The St-Cunegonde factory caught fire and was completely devastated. A temporary plant was used on Nazareth Street.

  • 1905
    – A new factory was built on an area in the St-Henri district bordered by Bélair, Rose de Lima, Saint-Jacques and Saint-Antoine streets.

  • 1927
    – Mitchell acquired the Garth Company, founded in 1828.

  • 1929
    – New plant in St-Laurent (Canada’s most modern foundry)

  • 1942
    – New plant in St-Laurent (to produce brass ammunition cartridges for the Second World War – over 4,000 workers)

  • 1950
    – New building in St-Laurent to link the 1929 and 1942 factories (to enable the manufacture of aluminum windows)

  • 1960
    – Acquisitions of Lliquide Carbonique, Prowse, Douglas Brothers, le Cabinet Canadien (Microzone) by Mitchell

  • 2000
    – MARSHALL BARWICK bought Robert Mitchell Inc. in October.

Robert Mitchell divisions before 2000 :

  • Foundry … now Mitchell Aerospace Inc. / same location 350 Décarie
  • Industrial Division …. now Robert Mitchell Inc.
  • Garth …. in operation in Toronto
  • Microzone … in operation in Ottawa
  • Douglas Brothers USA …in operation in Portland , Maine, USA
  • Douglas Bros. piping division …. merged with Henderson Barwick – now “Douglas Barwick” / Boisbriand (Québec) and Brockville (Ontario)
  • Douglas – pressure vessel division…..no activity
  • Prowse….. no activity

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